Usage instructions Parazitol

How to take capsules Parazitol?

Those who already use the drug against worms and parasites, claim that Parazitol very easy to use. In each product package, it is possible to find detailed instructions on how to use the product. To keep packing, in a dry and cool place. Also, not getting sunlight on the product.

natural capsules Method of administration capsules Parazitol

The course of the drug against worms and parasites for up to 30 days.

  1. Taking capsules, it should be 1 thing a day, during meal;
  2. It is recommended to take in the morning;
  3. Take capsules with plenty of water.

Indications and contraindications

Due to its natural composition, has no contraindications. Also suitable for pregnant and lactating women. Does not cause allergies. It is recommended to take the drug, if you detect the symptoms of helminth infection. Also, it is permissible to take as a preventive measure.

It is not recommended to disturb the course of the drug. For order in Germany please visit the official website of the manufacturer.