Pumpkin seeds from worms for children and adults

pumpkin seeds for worms

Why pumpkin seeds help expel intestinal parasites - worms? Any practitioner will confirm that pumpkin seeds for worms can be taken safely by children and adults, because they give a very pronounced therapeutic effect in the treatment.

This feature of pumpkin seeds is explained by the content of cucurbin in them, a substance that deals a crushing blow to parasites. The highest concentration of this component is noted in the film, which separates the core of the grain directly from the shell. That is why it is better to use unshelled seeds.

Worm infestations are extremely common. Adults and children suffer from them. According to WHO, about half of the world's population is infected with parasites every year. In various ways, pinworms, roundworms and other worms enter the human body.

To get rid of unwanted guests, a very effective remedy is required, but often medications cannot be prescribed for serious reasons. In addition, many anthelmintic drugs cause quite serious side effects.

It is known that small children suffer the most from intestinal parasites, so young mothers are trying to treat their babies with a remedy that will be completely safe. It is in such situations that it is worth remembering the unique properties of simple, pumpkin seeds. This natural product has long been used to remove pinworms.

Effective and simple folk recipes for worms with pumpkin seeds

There are many effective recipes using pumpkin seeds to get rid of worms, and although the methods of their preparation and use are different, they all cope with the main task in a short time.

Here are some recipes that are extremely easy to prepare and easy to use.

pumpkin seeds and castor oil

It is necessary to separate 100 pieces of seeds (but not 100 g! ) In an unpeeled form, divide them equally into four parts. During the day, you need to eat one serving at regular intervals, chewing the seeds to a mushy state. One hour after each intake of pumpkin seeds, drink the prescribed dose (1 teaspoon) of castor oil.

This ritual is carried out after the usual meal four times. The dosage given in the recipe is designed for an adult, for children the dose is several times reduced. The doctor will correctly make the proportion. Usually the course of such treatment lasts 2-3 days.

Honey and seeds

Here, too, unpeeled seeds are used. The dosage for an adult is 300 g, 150 g is enough for teenagers, and no more than 50 g for children under 5 years old. a spoon for children, a tablespoon for adults).

The resulting remedy is used on an empty stomach. It is necessary to try to make the reception last longer, about an hour. And after 3 hours, give the patient a saline laxative to drink and make a cleansing enema. As a result of such a complex of measures, it is possible to expel intestinal parasites.

pumpkin seeds and garlic

Doctors recommend pumpkin seeds for worms recipe with garlic. This mixture perfectly cleanses the intestines from parasites. Pre-peeled seeds are fried without adding oil in a pan, it is enough to take only 200 g of them. After the seeds have cooled, grind them in a coffee grinder, add also chopped raw garlic (5-6 cloves) and liquid honey (2 tbsp. L. ).

The mixture should be mixed well and left to infuse for ½ day. Take an anthelmintic every day on an empty stomach in the following quantities: children - 1 teaspoon; adults - 1 tbsp. the spoon. Three days later, you can safely take tests and they will no longer show the presence of parasites.

This method of treatment is also known: pumpkin seeds are ground into flour using a food processor (200-400 g), a tablespoon of honey and such an amount of milk are added to make a mushy mass. The remedy is also taken on an empty stomach, it is better to do this in two doses. The process of expelling worms ends with the intake of castor oil (1 l. h. ) 2 or 3 hours after taking the main remedy.

The beneficial properties of pumpkin and its seeds are beyond doubt. But any treatment of helminthic invasions will be useless if you do not follow basic hygiene rules: wash your hands before eating, as well as vegetables, fruits and berries before putting them on the table. In addition, it is always necessary to heat-treat meat, poultry and fish.

Under no circumstances should unboiled water be drunk. A necessary preventive measure is the fight against flies.