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Why are parasites dangerous to humans?

We are surrounded by millions of microorganisms. Some bring people benefits, and other harm. The most unpleasant of them is the worms. Parasites have to communicate constantly – through water, land, objects, animals and food. Worms get into the body, multiply in it and clog up their waste products.

Some common types of worms

Worms The source of infection The main signs At what age are sick
Ascariasis Helminth eggs (after their stay in the earth) The weight loss, intoxication, intestinal obstruction, there may be no symptoms Often sick children of preschool and younger school age
Toxocariasis Helminth eggs (after their stay in the earth) Cough, liver enlargement, decreased visual acuity More common in children under 10 years of age and adults. The source of infection could be dogs and cats.
Trichinosis Meat infected with larvae Diarrhea, muscle pain, fever Different ages. The cycle of infection support the pigs and other animals. Infection is possible by eating meat with poor treatment.

The gut is the primary habitat of the worms. The human eye cannot see the larva without any special equipment. Therefore, it is very easy to get into the digestive system with food or water. Also, the parasites, in some cases, can settle in the lungs or liver. The development of larvae occurs in the small intestine, where after 60 days, she becomes an adult parasite is ready to reproduce.

About the infestation, a person may not know right away. The first symptoms appear when the worms start functioning in the body. Here are some of them:

abdominal pain

In advanced stage of disease, may appear more serious complications:

For effective treatment at home, you should take medicines against worms. It is important that the ingredients were natural. Only then You can be confident in the safety of the drug.

Parazitol – a proven remedy against parasites

The drug against worms and parasites Parazitol, protect Your family from all kinds of worms and prevent re-infection. Thanks to the natural composition, the drug does not cause allergies and side effects. Also suitable for pregnant and lactating women, and children from three years. Capsules contribute careful cleansing of the body from pests, strengthening immunity and improving health.

The main advantages of the drug Parazitol: black walnut

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The effect of the drug Parazitol

Capsules have a wide range of actions. Unique plant-based formula not only kills most parasites, but also can dissolve the protein shell of helminth larvae. The decay products and the remains of parasites, are gently removed from the body and digestive system is not overloaded with toxins.

In addition, the capsules start natural processes of the body to combat parasites. Active components of the drug, improve immunity and do not cause allergies.

Active substance of drug is black walnut. First, its effectiveness in the fight against parasites, has proven doctor Hilda Clark. She began to treat patients with internal and external fungal infections, with great success. Black pepper extract, also used for the treatment of diseases of the skin, herpes and eczema. Studies have shown that black walnut enhances the immune system and helps in the treatment of hypertension in people of different ages.

The drug Parazitol

The ideal composition of capsules Parazitol, contains only vegetable ingredients. They do not cause allergies and complementing each other.

The leaf extract of Moringa

Destroys bacteria and the larvae of the parasite at an early stage of development. Also, effective in the treatment of fungus

Pau d'arco

Activates the body's natural functions to combat parasites

Extract black walnut

The chemical compounds contained in the shell, improve immunity and accelerate the process of removing parasites from the body.

Parazitol for family Olive leaf extract

Reduces oxidation of liver, kidney and brain tissues

The turmeric root extract

This ingredient, rich in vitamin R. Normalizes digestion and inhibits the activity of worms. Helps to cleanse blood and blood vessels.

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The opinion of the doctor

Dr. Therapist Stephan Stephan
22 years
For personal practice, I can say that the effectiveness of taking Parazitol reaches 100%. I recommend it to patients with various allergic reactions, pregnant and lactating women. To order capsules Parazitol in Germany, on the official website. The drug has passed all tests and is completely safe.